Owner of Pit Bulls That Killed 90-Year-Old Gets 3 Years


Last summer 90-year-old Henry Piotrowski (pictured) was mauled by two pit bulls owned by his Staten Island neighbors, James McNair and girlfriend Kim DiPrima. Neighbors had complained about the dogs via 911 and 311 to no avail prior to the attack. Piotrowski, a World War II veteran, lingered nearly seven weeks in the hospital before succumbing to his wounds. McNair and DiPrima claimed the dogs were shut up indoors when McNair went to his exterminator job the day of the mauling, but a different occupant of their house put them in the yard and on a chain, from which they escaped.

In April DiPrima, 38, got five years’ probation for second-degree manslaughter in the incident. Today McNair, 29, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault, and is expected to get three years plus five year’s supervision. McNair had previously been convicted of rape, and was charged and pleaded guilty to failing to register as a sex offender as well; he will serve 1-3 years for that concurrently with the manslaughter sentence.

The dogs, Brutus and Popeye, were euthanized after the attack.