Poll: Bloomberg Leads By 16 Points Among Likely Voters, 9 Among All Voters; “Other” Gaining


Mayor Bloomberg says that when he praised opponent Bill Thompson’s record as comptroller, he was just being “polite.” And, like Senator Seabright Cooley in Advise and Consent, he can afford to be charitable. The latest Marist Poll shows him up 16 points on Thompson among likely voters. The new numbers are Bloomberg 52, Thompson 36 — last time Marist polled, in September, Bloomberg had the same 52 points, but Thompson had 43.

Where did Thompson lose seven points? In September “Other” had less than one percent, and “Undecided” had five. The don’t-knows remained steady in October, but “Other” has swollen to seven percent.

Maybe Marist should start asking people about Reverend Billy, Green Party candidate, or the other balloted candidates for Mayor. At least then Thompson would know who to pander to…

Also, Thompson’s unfavorable rating among all city voters has climbed from 22 percent to 33 percent. Previously 29 percent didn’t know how to rate him; now 20 percent don’t. Looks like those Bloomberg ads are working.

The best pieces of news for Thompson are these: Bloomberg’s lead is just nine points among all (not just likely) voters — 47 to 38 percent. This is a one-point uptick for the Democrat.

And non-enrolled voters moved very strongly toward Thompson. Last month they broke 65-31 for Bloomberg. Now they’re 48-41 percent for Thompson. Unfortunately for the challenger, October 9 was the last day on which new voters could register, and the poll was taken between October 19 and 21.

Bloomberg also has a 58 percent approval rating — down one point from September. 60 percent of Democrats say he is doing an above-average job.