Oddo Gets “Worst Street in Staten Island” Paved, Votes


Staten Island Councilmember James Oddo (pictured) knows how to get votes. He poses today for the Staten Island Advance on “the ‘worst street’ on Staten Island,” where paving is finally being done thanks to his intercession. Oddo declared Grasmere Avenue between West Fingerboard Road and Mosel Avenue the worst street back in July, and declared, “the reality is that we must work together — elected officials, the community, and DOT — to improve our roads.” (At that time the Advance pictured the patchy stretch of asphalt, which looks no worse than what we regularly see in unfashionable sections of the outer boroughs, with Oddo’s Nosferatu-like shadow gesticulating across it.)

Staten Island Chat tried to get up a discussion about it, but there were no takers. Oddo upped the ante by posing with his hand in a pothole on the infamous strip. Some people were found to argue: their street was the worst street in Staten Island!

Now they’re finally fixing the damn thing, and “Oddo will renew his call on the city to add a permanent second repaving crew on Staten Island.” We thought Oddo had that council seat sewn up for life after that video of him yelling obscenely at Borat manques, but the great politicians never stop drumming.