Palin, GOP Bigs Lavish Praise on Hoffman; Dems Lavish Money on Owens, Who Increases Lead


More Republicans from around the country are working to defeat Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava, running for Congress in New York’s 23rd District. Sarah Palin has endorsed the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman (pictured), claiming, as have other rightwingers in the Party, that this is “sending an important message to the Republican establishment… no more politics as usual.” Her Facebook friends are delighted: “Sarah, are you going to visit New York and actually speak for Hoffman. He will win if you do that…”

Former GOP Presidential candidate and publishing magnate Steve Forbes is also getting on the Hoffman bandwagon — coinciding with Hoffman’s call for a Forbes-favored flat tax — as has Congressnut Michele Bachmann.

While the hardcore cases continue to beat up Scozzafava for being too liberal (and resembling a cow) and sending their love to Hoffman, supporters of Democrat Bill Owens have been sending him money: Owens’ latest filing shows $491,000 in contributions, with Scozzafava at $234,000 and Hoffman at $205,000. Owens filing doesn’t include the recent fundraiser Obama gave him in New York City. And a new poll shows Owens five points up on Scozzafava, 35-30 — a one-point gain for the Democrat over the last poll — with Hoffman at 23 percent. Before Hoffman began to cook, Owens was behind.

This poll was taken before the Palin endorsement, however, which we expect will further increase Owens’ lead.