Spy-Author Claims Monaco’s Prince Albert Asked Him to Kill Love Child, Other Weird Scenes


Robert Eringer says he was His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco’s intelligence chief. He further claims that he conducted for the Prince sensitive investigation of VIPs, including Vladimir Putin and a woman who says the Prince kidnapped and raped her on his yacht, per Eringer’s filing in California Superior Court, which charges that the Prince owes him 40,000 Euros for his clandestine services.

Eringer also claims to have been shown by one of his investigative subjects a tape of the Prince having sex with a stripper, and that the Prince once asked him, in a discussion of the monarch’s “as yet unrecognized illegitimate daughter,” if Eringer could “arrange for her to have an accident.” The filing is filled with references to international money laundering, “shady oil deals,” and other improprieties Eringer says he also turned up in his secret work.

At his web site Eringer details his career as a swashbuckling investigative journalist (“He still possesses the red robe and hood the Ku Klux Klan tailored for him”). Thence, he says, he “evolved from journalism to private intelligence, working undercover for the FBI and creating Monaco’s “first (unofficial) intelligence agency,” which was “killed by persons who feared what it had uncovered.” Somehow he manages also to write “humorous espionage novels that combine intrigue with lunacy.”

Salon’s Jeff Stein covered Eringer’s alleged involvement in a bizarre plot to silence a Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus critic in 2001.