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What’s Your Favorite Antidepressant or Anti-Anxiety Med?


No one has to go through life with angst anymore, unless you’re disturbed by co-pays, side effects, and an over-reliance on artifical highs.

And I am, honey!

A few years ago, I tried Zoloft and almost jumped out a window. It gave me aching fingers, headaches, dizzy spells, spasms, and no relief whatsoever!

Klonopin was more effective, but it basically just wipes you out for a huge chunk of time, so the only reason you can’t be depressed is because you’ve totally passed out!

I hit gold for a while with Neurontin, which was lovely and uplifting, but now I’m free of meds, preferring to greet life head on and just deal.

But I know I’m in the vast minority, everyone else finding salvation in a tiny bottle with bad-tasting chemical friends. So what works best for curing YOUR stress levels?







God, just listing all these drugs is giving me a breakdown!

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