You Can Be a Movie Star With Yoostar


Yoostar is a magical-computer form of cinema karaoke whereby you’re filmed saying lines from a classic movie scene and then can promptly see the scene with you in it! It’s the quickest rush since crack cocaine!

The other night at the Ace hotel, Paper‘s Mickey Boardman had a Yoostar party where the cool kids lined up, all powdered and ready for their closeups. Mickey was hilarious and spot-on as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, a part he’d apparently been rehearsing for his entire adult life.

And my friend Susan Anton and I were priceless in the attached clip from The Addams Family, in which we out-whine a bratty little dingdong dumb enough to think she can mess with our family values.

In my costarring role, I delivered my one line–“Yes”–with particular panache and feel certain it will lead to big things. Like mime.