Lucrative toilet blogger opportunity opens up


OK, it’s an obvious bid for free media, but you have to balance that with the needs of excretion fans.

Charmin is holding auditions on Nov. 5 for “five super-fun, enthusiastic people” who “really, really enjoy going to the bathroom” to serve as Times Square Toilet Ambassadors from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Their job, which will pay $10k for five weeks, is to entertain people who are using a public restroom in Times Square and then blog about the wacky human interactions that follow.

If you see this as your kind of bid for the big time, bring a head shot (get it? Head? Because it also means… Aw, never mind) and a resume to the auditions, and be ready to tell a room full of complete strangers why the pleasures of the lavatory mean more to you than anyone else.

If nothing else, if that is the case, you’re almost guaranteed to make new friends.

If you prefer a little less fanfare when you gotta go in midtown, the rest rooms in Grand Central Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal are usually reasonably clean.