A preacher-bites-cop story


Michael Ihedioha, one of the Staten Island “ferry preachers” whose insistent proselytizing helped inspire the “quiet decks” on ferries, was arrested Friday when he allegedly bit a police officer on the forearm. The unidentified police officer was trying to get Ihedioha to stop blocking an aisle. The bite is supposed to have taken place out of view of other passengers.

Angela Nwadiuko, Ihedioha’s wife, was also arrested when she tried to force her way in to the “secure area” where her husband was being held.

Preachers are a controversial topic on the ferry. Apparently, some passengers are glad to see them, but they’re also the top subject of complaints. The DOT has established “quiet decks” on three of the newest ferries where passengers can go to get away from preachers (and loud cell phone users, and talking). Staten Island State Sen. Diane Savino says the DOT is trying to get the quiet areas instituted in older ferries. The noise ban is, so far, voluntary.

You can watch one of the ferry preachers (not Ihedioha) in action here, and a disgruntled passenger confronting one here.