Bobby V Doesn’t Get the Gig; Acta to Manage Indians


Manny Acta, formerly manager of the Nationals, has signed a three-year contract with the Cleveland Indians, edging among other candidates former Mets manager Bobby Valentine. (It is also revealed that Yankee great Don Mattingly, now a hitting coach with the Dodgers, was also considered for the job.)

Sports Illustrated‘s Jon Heyman speculates that Valentine “may have chosen to stay on tv” — that is, keep his gig with ESPN, which he took after returning from some years managing in Japan. Valentine took the trouble to interview twice with Cleveland management, though; it’s possible he just wanted to keep his major-league cred lively in his new line of work. Or maybe his friends in the business are doing the same by suggesting he had the job if he wanted it.

Valentine told reporters during the process, “I can tell you that I don’t know about the American League. I don’t know about the Central. I don’t know about the Indians. But I sure as hell am willing to learn, and spend 28 hours a day if necessary, to know everything that I could possibly know.”