Crazy Yankee Chick: Let’s try this again…EVIL EMPIRE STRIKES BACK


The Yankees’ season ended exactly 3 weeks ago.

Since then, the Yankees have played 8 games.


Bud Selig=Crusader Against Efficient Time Management

Yesterday, I wanted Game 6 played ASAP. But now that I’m looking out my window, I can concede that ok, MAYBE it was for the best, and I guess I have to admit the idea of sitting in the left field bleachers beneath a crystal fall night is a bit more palatable than wading in 4 inches of water, as I lose the ability to determine whether my jeans are wet or cold. Or both.

Yeah, but none of that tonight. Tonight, it’s just as close to a must-win situation without being a must-win situation as it can get for the Yankees, who would probably rather play Game 6 in boxer-briefs than play Game 7 at all.

Tonght at 8:20, the Yanks take the field to try to avoid that fate…

I wrote a preview for this game yesterday (literally minutes before I was informed I’d have to wait til Sunday to see them play), and perhaps oddly enough, neither team is changing its game plan. I’m not surprised Andy Petttitte is still getting the nod, but I am mildly confused about Joe Saunders.

Despite the fact Saunders did pitch excellently against the Yanks in his last start (the 13-inning circus game), I think Scioscia’s taking a certain gamble here by assuming lightning’s going to hit the same mound twice.

(The decisions of both Girardi and Scioscia have been under the microscope so persistently throughout the postseason, that I’m beginning to feel like I’m watching a custody hearing between 2 embattled divorcees. The “kids” are just kind of trying to do their thing, but you have 2 lunatics yanking them around indiscriminately.)

So, here we go, again. In about 8 hours, I’ll either be celebrating a World Series berth or in a catatonic state, mustering up whatever fortitude is left in me to find enough energy to email my office saying I’m using up my last 2 vacation days for tomorrow and Tuesday.

(And what the hell is Fox doing to NYC?? Giants/Yanks duel start time?? That’s some effed up shit right there. Poor form, Fox. POOR. FORM.)

Here’s a quick diddy before I start the pre-game rituals…


There’re games that you win,
And times you’re in ruts
There’re teams you can trust,
And then teams like the Mutts.
There’s little things like fielding,
And slugging doesn’t hurt,
Sometimes your pitcher’s dealing,
But other times his throws are hitting dirt.

I swear I won’t leave you,
A fan for all time,
I don’t need no blowout,
Just beat Anaheim.
We’ve waited for 9 years,
And fell into bad luck.
We can’t take much more of
The constant, “Yankees suck!”

We want Game 6.
We want a win,
We want Game 6.

It’s playing on my mind,
It’s dancing on my soul,
It’s taken so much time,
The Phillies think we’re slow.
I’d really like to win,
And clinch a pennant today,
But first we gotta end this,
So come on, Yankees, just beat L.A.

We know what this team’s like,
Won’t go without a fight.
I don’t care the Giants,
Are playing tonight.
I’ve waited for 9 years,
Now that you’re close,
Every fan’s got his patience,
Now end the Halos!

We want Game 6
We want Game 6,
We want….Game 6.

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