DA: father of DUI mom’s toddler knew she was driving drunk


DA Robert Morgenthau announced charges Friday in the DUI accident that killed 11 year old Leandra Rosado. Morgenthau said that Eduardo Henriquez, the father of Carmen Huertas’ 14 month old, confronted her about being too drunk to drive while she was loading eight children into her car after an afternoon of drinking cognac at a a party. When she insisted, he took his own child out of the car, but didn’t attempt to remove any of the others. Henriquez is not currently charged with anything, although the DA has left the possibility open.

Huertas then, according to the DA, intentionally terrorized the children in the car, three of whom didn’t have seat belts, by asking them to raise their hands if they thought the car was going to crash. After the crash, she pulled her own daughter out of the car and left the three other children who weren’t thrown clear trapped inside.

Huertas, who had a blood alcohol level of .132, is being charged with manslaughter, assault and driving under the influence.