Short subjects


The Times and News endorse Bloomberg. The Times takes the occasion to undiplomatically point out that they never liked term limits to begin with. The Times also credits the Mayor’s multi-jillion dollar campaign with saving the local economy by spending a lot of money on pizza.

Two firetrucks collided on their way to a gas leak in East New York yesterday, flipping one onto its side and trapping the driver inside. 12 firefighters were injured, 4 seriously, including the driver. (Enjoy the Newsday link. They go subscription on Monday).

Bernie Kerik’s expedited appeal of his pre-trial detention is going to be heard on Thursday in Manhattan, but he’s staying detained til then. The Post (!) says Kerik deserves the presumption of innocence, but pretty much doesn’t give it to him.

Amnesia girl is from Washington State, and her family is coming to get her.

Obama and Clinton are headed across the river to stump for Corzine.