Anti-Bloomberg Ad Shows New York of Future Maybe Slightly Worse Than New York of Present


This anti-Bloomberg ad, created by Communication Workers of America 1180 (dba NYC is Not For Sale), is supposed to describe Mayor Bloomberg’s sixth term of office in “a city far different from the one who know today.” But then they tell us that “Manhattan is home to only the super-rich” and “working families commute from outer regions to work minimum wage jobs.” Way ahead of you, guys: Here in 2009, The average rent on a studio in Manhattan is $1,774, and cashier and clerk are our fastest-growing and increasingly worst-paying jobs. Come on, you’ll have to do better than that; tell us Pedro Espada will be Governor or something.

They do say that in the reign of Bloomberg VI “there are no public schools,” which would suck — imagine all those fucking brats running around loose year-round! Also, we must say Bloomberg looks pretty good in the ad for a man who’d be 80 years old. Monkey glands? Or does CWA know about some coming medical breakthrough that’ll arrest the aging process? If they do, they should try monetizing their predicting powers; then they could afford to buy the mayor’s office for anyone they like.