Complaining About the Park Slope Co-op; For Goodness’ Sake: A ‘Cocktail’ Musical


A 70-year-old lobster weighing in at a hefty 11 pounds was spared from becoming a $275 dinner at Oceana recently. The staff had grown fond of the crustacean, nicknaming him Peter.
[NY Daily News]

Is the Park Slope Co-op a haven of low-priced organic and local foods, or a super-strict Soviet-style institution with its stiff work requirements of 2.75 hours per month? Some members are surprised to have been blacklisted for missing shifts.
[NY Times]

Rachael Ray’s “sizzling soft tacos” will be served at some 1,200 public schools, as part of a plan to get kids eating healthier. The chicken tacos are filled with roasted corn and a ranch sauce, paired with steamed broccoli and vegetarian “veg-head” beans.
[NY Daily News]

The ’80s Tom Cruise movie Cocktail is set to be turned into a Broadway musical. Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, could be up for a role in the hippy-shaking musical. Cocktail recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at TGI Friday’s at Penn Station.
[NY Post]

The world expected the French to be up in arms at the announcement of a McDonald’s being opened in the Louvre. As it turns out, they don’t really mind “McDo,” as they call it. In fact, French Mickey D’s are the second most profitable after the U.S.’s.
[NY Times]