Hear the New Ted Leo Song: “One Polaroid a Day”


Ted Leo’s been doing some version of the same live set for nigh on three and a half years now; his last full length record, Living with the Living, was released on the now-departed Touch & Go back in March of 2007. His shows are never less than stellar but on the eve of a new record–promised on Matador in the spring–we figured it’d be safe to skip his headlining gig at True Panther’s CMJ showcase at the Suffolk Friday night. It was, or it wasn’t (regret is present in us, right now), but at least we have a new song to show for his time in town: “One Polaroid a Day,” recorded at the NBC Experience Store sometime earlier last week. File it along with “Where Was My Brain” and “Last Days” in your mental tracklisting for next year’s album. According to the man: “Mid-’80s hardcore is well represented in this batch of songs!”