Oliver Koppell Latest Democrat to Endorse Bloomberg


Democratic officeholders, it’s not too late to do yourself a favor and endorse inevitable winner Mayor Bloomberg. The latest to take advantage is councilmember Oilver Koppell. You can watch the ad he made for the Mayor here. When the Riverdale Press asked him about it, he said, “The implication was that I would be viewed more as part of the team” — that is, the sort of councilman who’ll get results in the Third Bloomberg era. He also said he was supporting Bloomberg because he’s “a very good manager of the city,” etc.

Koppell must be enjoying his endorsement at least as much as Bloomberg. Back in the summer, when SEIU 1199 was handing out endorsements, the powerful union declined to support Koppell, running with challenger Tony Cassino instead. Though he wound up easily beating Cassino, Koppell was obviously steamed about it at the time. Now SEIU 1199 seems hamstrung about supporting Bill Thompson for Mayor, but Koppell has no such compunction nor restrictions, which must feel good to him.

Koppell was an early supporter of the overturn of term limits, which allowed Bloomberg and himself to run for third terms.