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The Buzzards Are Still Feasting on Michael Jackson


The second Michael Jackson croaked, I predicted that the exploitation of his death would surpass anything seen on Animal Planet.

Sure enough, Joe Jackson was hawking his new record label before the body was even cold.

A televised memorial had a bunch of all-stars singing and remembering for a mass audience.

Jermaine started planning a whole other tribute concert for Vienna, only postponing it when the lineup looked less than stellar.

The movie This Is It–consisting of Michael’s last rehearsal footage–was frantically scrapped together for mass release.

And Michael’s spiriual advisor, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, released The Michael Jackson Tapes, claiming that Michael wanted it to be published–though I’m not sure why that had to happen the second he transitioned.

I also doubt that Michael would have loved the subtitle A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation, though I must say the book is absorbing stuff about how Shmuley tried to teach the superstar real values that would get him out of his hook-ed-on-fame depressions and recurring bouts of low self-esteem.

So of all the gross bits of exploitation, I guess this one’s the best. Enjoy!