The Worst Chemistry In Screen History?


Which onscreen couple emitted so few romantic sparks that when they finally started doing the horizontal mambo, you were vertical and on your way out the door?

I can think of one.

Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson in last year’s would-be romantic dramedy Last Chance Harvey.

I know that the point of the film was that these two were mismatched, but THIS mismatched? Please!

I can’t even fault the two Oscar winners, who’ve been so good in everything else. They happened to be dealing with a deeply contrived script that paired them up with no rhyme or reason, the result being rampant lameosity rather than any sincere brand of loving.

By time tall Emma had to sit on Dustin’s lap to kiss him, I wanted my money back. And it was a free screening!

Your choice for worst onscreen couple in history? Ronald Reagan and Bonzo?