‘Top Chef’ to Court Cavities with ‘Just Desserts’


Just when it looked like we couldn’t possibly gorge on more competitive cooking shows, the busy little elves behind Top Chef have announced that they’re planning a pastry spin-off, titled Just Desserts. The competition will adhere to the TC format, with contestants living with each other and getting picked off one by one, week after week. The reasoning behind the decision? As Bravo VP Frances Berwick told Variety, the Top Chef contestants’s “Achilles heel is usually the desserts…As this has gone on, we’ve been thinking that it would be fun to do a Top Chef with experienced pastry chefs. We’ve had a few pastry chefs on Top Chef, but they haven’t gone too far. It’s just a different skill.”

As Variety points out, the airwaves are increasingly clogged with cake-centric shows like Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, and Ultimate Cake-Off. Whether or not Top Chef fans will want to pull on their fat pants remains to be seen, but at least the judges won’t have to worry as much about the food being served cold.

[Via Eat Me Daily]