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Is Balloon Boy’s Dad An Aspiring Adulterous Letch?


Richard Heene, the notorious father of that adorable, vomiting balloon boy, has been described as a lot of things–a con artist, a fame whore, a singer of bad theme songs–but now someone has stepped up to the balloon pump and called him a wicked flirt!

A hat designer named Ivy Supersonic told Howard Stern‘s radio show that she once worked with Heene, who clearly had more than professional feelings for her. According to Supersonic, Heene would send her emails about being anxious to jump her and even “meat” her, that word purposely misspelled by the man who specializes in both verbal and actual hot air.

Bear in mind that Ivy is one of those people who’s always suing people, always promoting herself, and always…Hey, wait. She’s starting to sound like Richard Heene!

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