New Food Stores Opening in the Chelsea Market, Including Lucy’s Whey


Nearly a year ago, I wrote a scathing story about the Chelsea Market, detailing how the culinary complex had lost several of its food stores, while others were turning from providing serious supplies and equipment to more touristic uses, evidenced by the explosion in cupcake vending. Non-food establishments were also being added to the mix, making the market fitted into a series of former Nabisco factories seem more like a suburban shopping mall.

Now, I’m happpy to report this tendency is turning around. Just in time for the NYC Wine and Food Festival, a new branch of Jacques Torres Chocolates opened up, and just this week, Dickson Farmstand Meats (replacing the former Franks Butcher Shop in the mix of stores) has been struggling to its feet like a newborn calf. Yesterday, the place was closed in the morning because of an elaborate and lengthy photo shoot–in today’s foodomundo, promotion trumps everything else.

Now, through a confidential source, Fork in the Road has discovered that Lucy’s Whey, an East Hampton cheese store, will soon be moving in, specializing in cheeses made in the U.S.A. And a cheese store was just what the market needed.