Brooklyn is synonymous with street art. But in order for art to actually stand out among all the graffiti madness, it has to be memorable and it has to be everywhere. Whether it’s on buses, park benches, walls, trash cans, stop signs, you can’t miss the tag Peru Ana Ana Peru. But what does it even mean? And Then We Jumped Into the Abyss of Numbers: Memories in Absurdity from the Bowels of Peru Ana Ana Peru is the first-ever exhibition by this phantom art collective. From what we can gather, they’re a group of individuals that spawned from the streets of Bushwick with an attempt to revolutionize your mind through art and cinema. As they put it: “The reason, as we do see it, for this hijacking is quite simple: Mass appeal means more money. It is our belief that the current state of things, which is to say of [American?] cinema—of what it is, of what it has become—is in shambles.” These kids are quite angry, but the work speaks for itself and shouldn’t be missed.

Nov. 3-14, 2009