Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Pays Tribute To Dash Snow, Jay-Z, and the Yankees “NY” Logo


We recently published our Best of NYC issue, the Voice‘s annual opportunity to give out awards like Best Mini-Golf in Bushwick and Best Impersonation of Brett Favre. In turn, we asked a few of our favorite New Yorkers to name their favorite local things.

He’s inked the likes of Marc Jacobs, Heath Ledger, and Lily Cole, but Saved Tattoo‘s Scott Campbell is still dying to get his hands on Jay-Z. In the meantime, he’d like to praise Duncan Quinn, the recently departed Dash Snow, and a couple of rats he saw screwing on the G.

Best New York-themed tattoo you’ve done?

I did a big pigeon/skyline tattoo that takes up half of Justin Theroux‘s back. Definitely my favorite NYC tattoo.

Favorite fellow New Yorker, alive or dead, real or fictional?

Dash Snow. [He’s] all of the above.

Famous New Yorker you’d like to tattoo?


Most quintessentially “New York” tattoo choice?

The Yankees “NY” logo. Never gets old.

Best tattoo artist/studio in the city, other than yourself?

[Fellow Saved Tattoo artist] Dan Trocchio. He’s an odd little fellow, with a style distinctly his own.

Best source for books to find inspiration?

Printed Matter. If you can’t find anything inspiring there, then you might as well just give it up.

Best clothing store?

My favorite suits come from Duncan Quinn.

Worst thing you’ve seen on the subway?

Late May, Smith and 9th Street Station, at six am, [I was] listening to Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode” and watching a couple rats do it.

Best time to make an appointment with you?

I love the mornings.