The Nation’s Newspapers Slammed By Circulation Plunge


<Well, things certainly aren’t looking up for the nation’s newspapers which suffered a 10.6 percent overall plunge in circulation from April through September compared to the same period last year.

Leading the way in this catalogue of misery were the San Francisco Chronicle, down 26 percent, the Newark Star-Ledger, down 22 percent, and the Dallas Morning News, also down 22 percent. USA Today, the number two newspaper in the country, dropped 17 percent. The Boston Globe dropped 18.5 percent.

Locally, the New York Post lost 19 percent, and the Daily News was down 14 percent. The New York Times dropped 7 percent, and Newsday fell by 5.5 percent. Only the Wall Street Journal managed a slight increase.

The figures were compiled by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which tracks newspaper circulation.

In all, a rather grim outcome for companies trying to weather the economic downturn, a plunge in advertising revenue, and a steady decline in readership of the newsprint editions.

One wonders to what extent the newspapers themselves have contributed to the whole debacle by steadily cutting staff, coverage and space.

You can read the Associated Press article here.