Tonight! Vintage Funk And Psychedelic Folk, Or Maybe The Michael Jackson Flick Instead


L.A. space cadet and early-’80s bedroom-electro fetishist Dam-Funk reverently evokes the era when Prince looked like this and your equipment looked like this. Whether his debut full-length, Toeachizown, is mere nostalgia-drenched kitsch or heartfelt innovation is a question best pondered in a bowling alley, so catch him tonight at Brooklyn Bowl, free, courtesy The Fader, of course.

Bit of a sparse night otherwise. Ribald exhibitionist (and fellow funk-nostalgia purveyor) Har Mar Superstar is still at it o’er at Mercury Lounge: Expect copious amounts of male nudity, a/k/a “dudity.” Over at Monkeytown, psychedelic-folk songbirds (and YIMBY alumni) Christy & Emily offer more beguiling, disorienting psych-folk; the slightly older, weirder, and manlier Vic Chesnutt does much the same at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in a band with Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto and various Godspeed You! Black Emperor sorts of folks.

Actually tonight’s big whoop happens at midnight: The Michael Jackson flick This Is It premieres. Get thee to Fandango and keep up with the zeitgeist.

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