What to Drink at Bar Celona: It’s All About the G y Ts


For reasons unknown, the simple gin and tonic has become one of the most popular drinks in Spain. True to form, Bar Celona, the new tapas bar opened by former fashion consultant Cynthia Diaz in Williamsburg, will not only serve small plates and a selection of wines, it’s also touting a pretty ambitious cocktail list that features, among other things, a gin-and-tonic section. Designed by mixologists Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay, otherwise known as The Tippling Bros., the drinks menu is broken down into G y Ts (for gin and tonic), Gastros (for culinary cocktails), and Variedades (for everything else). There is some debate among bartenders about the pairing of food with cocktails, but Carducci believes the marriage can work, as long as a few simple rules are followed:

“Try to match body with body. Most sommeliers wouldn’t recommend a full bodied California Cab with a light salad, nor would I recommend a classic Manhattan or anything with dairy,” he says. “When pairing a cocktail with dessert, make sure the drink is sweeter than the food. [And finally], alcohol will emphasize the perception of heat on the palate, so try to keep drinks on the lighter side when pairing with spicy food.”

At Bar Celona, the G y Ts are already quite popular, especially the Sea Monkey, which incorporates Plymouth gin, aquavit, and anise liqueur, as well as freshly juiced celery and apples and a house-made fennel salt rim. Try it with the Scallop Ceviche and you might just forget there’s a wine list.