Debate Something Something Thompson Bloomberg Etc.


So the Mayor is all like “you sucked when you ran the schools” and the Comptroller is all like “you’re a D-minus mayor.”

This tears it for “Harlem resident Tim Fielder” who is so not leaning toward Thompson anymore, and so totally voting for Bloomberg because the D-minus remark was “not very magnanimous.” Oh snap! In fact, four of the five “undecided” “Democrats” the Post impanels say the Mayor’s stellar performance has convinced them to vote Bloomberg. This is the break the campaign has been looking for!

NYT: “Mr. Thompson, the Democrat, needed a knockout — and he did not get it.” That’s such a nice sentence that we suspect the Times began working on it a few days earlier. The Times also faults Thompson for not making more of the Obama endorsement (which weak nod the paper had previously mocked as “unusually lukewarm”) and of his Caribbean roots.

Doomed, we tell you.