Ewww: Monserrate, Girlfriend Wish to Be “Intimate”


After that water-glass unpleasantness from which state senator Hiram Monserrate was mostly extricated by conviction on a lesser charge, an order of protection was placed on behalf of his girlfriend/victim Karla Giraldo against Monserrate. She now asks that it be lifted, so that she may resume her “intimate relationship” with the senator.

The Post sentimentally headlines this story, “Let me be his love again.” The protection order will presumably lift when Monserrate is sentenced on December 4, but as tempers have presumably cooled, the Post suggests prosecutors may go for an arrangement in which Monserrate is required to seek counseling. Monserrate, who as a member of the NYPD once filed for disability on grounds of “adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder” and had his guns seized by the force, should be comfortable with that.

The senator could use some TLC; along with the repeated calls for his ouster, he has this week had to endure revelations that he tried to use campaign funds to pay for his legal counsel in the assault case. Current fund-raising on his behalf has also been questioned.