Hate Crime Detectives Hassled for ID, Lawyer Up


Hate crime task force members Stephon Garland, Gregory Wilson, and Faisal Khan, all people of color, say they were canvassing in Gravesend concerning a shooting which took out the windows of a black woman’s car in that very white section of Brooklyn. As they were out of uniform, the local Shomrim Jewish Community Patrol believed them to be impostors and called the cops. The cops showed up and two of the plainclothes were IDed over the radio, which was deemed insufficient; words were exchanged; “A detective and a sergeant had to be physically restrained”; Garland is accused of calling a white officer a “fucking dick.” Internal affairs is investigating and the task force officers have retained attorney Eric Sanders, who has represented several cops and firefighters in discrimination cases before.

Commenters at Yeshiva World News protest that the Shomrim patrol was just doing its job. Cops and cop fans at Thee Rant devolve to intramural scuffling over whether plainclothes or patrolmen are more at fault, in this case and generally (“I do remember some patrol guys with some huge egos that needed some toning down,” “Hey Detectives, you are supposed to be thick skinned you pvssies,” etc). “I disagree that going over the air is a clincher.” cautions TPD12. “How many times over the years have you heard a 13 called ‘from the officer’ that turned out to be bogus because some mutt had a police radio and was having fun? ”