Live from Michael Jackson’s This Is It Premiere


The New York premiere, anyway. Out in LA, the red carpet was besieged by what looked to be the Santa Ana winds, in mourning–gales of dust, lots of celebrities frantically attending to their own disheveled hair, and one noble but helplessly overmatched red carpet interviewer, whose stammering queries about the “importance” of Michael Jackson to deep thinkers like Adam Lambert were unfortunately beamed live into the theaters of all 17 simultaneous world premieres. In New York, Sony merely snatched up every theater in the cavernous Regal E-Walk and Times Square and crammed hundreds of ushers into sparkly hats and single gloves to greet the thousands of theatergoers who came out to salute Kenny Ortega’s posthumous concert (rehearsal?) doc. As for the film itself? Our review is over here.