New York and Philly Go Nuts, Real Americans Less Interested


TV executives expect big things from the Yankees and the Phillies, ratings-wise. “We don’t have to worry about anything,” says the President of Fox Sports.

Perhaps. But while Series Fever is high in New York and Philadelphia, we are reminded that folks in the hinterlands disdain big eastern cities; the 2000 Mets-Yanks series was the lowest-rated since 1973 until people just stopped watching the games altogether.

That only one of those contending cities is, in this case, New York does not seem to change things much…

Tigers fan Mike McClary is giving the Series a miss. ‘Yawn” goes the rest of the country,” claims BeliefNet (then goes on about values and “real heroes,” making the yawn contagious). “You’re from the rest of the country and don’t give a crap about this showdown?” asks Deadspin after reviewing the “feigned rivalry” between the two teams. “Carry on, then.”

Fans in other jurisdictions just rank on both teams. “How Will The Phillies Cheat This Year?” asks the Tampa Bay Rays Index. Giant Bomb is more ecumenical (“They beat my Angels. Fuck them. Go Philly!”).

Even some citizens of the combatant districts seem not to have the Fever. asks if Mayor Nutter should sell his World Series tickets and donate the proceeds “to pay for police overtime and other expenses related to the World Series.” This suggests scalping which, given the criminal associations of former mayors, he may wish to avoid (though one reader says, “I’ll give him 50 bucks for a pair”).

Maybe the oceans of hype will finally sweep up the fans in the boondocks, but remember, many of them have premium cable channels.