Paul Rudnick Lives on Candy, Picks Best Sugary Treats


A New York Times article today revealed that playwright Paul Rudnick lives on candy–virtually nothing but candy, plus the occasional handful of Cheerios. He’s been repulsed by most regular food for his whole life, and has always craved refined sugar. Incredibly, he’s not fat, still has his teeth, and is not diabetic. Apparently, this is possible, and a dietitian is roped into giving a quote saying that your body can adapt to just about anything.

So, just in time for Halloween, Rudnick gets on Diner’s Journal to break down the relative charms of his favorite candies–he calls candy corn the “only permissible vegetable,” and Hershey’s kisses “the essence of romance,” but does not approve of gummy candies, ruling that they taste like “what’s in a petri dish right before it turns into penicillin.” Oooh, we have to disagree on the last point.

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