Pix From Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope, Brooklyn


(Top) The white neon glow of Bark’s sign fries the faces of commuters emerging from the 2 and 3; (Left) Looking down the steely bore of Bark’s excellent thick chocolate malt.

This week, Counter Culture slides into Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope, Brooklyn on a streak of yellow mustard, and finds the hot dogs simple, expensive, and often excellent. Following are pictures of some of the menu items that I found wonderful–and not so wonderful. The cheap glasses of Six Point ales probably merit a visit on their own, and the chocolate shake ranks among the best in town. Maybe the eco-theme will entice you, too, but pop a couple of Ibuprofen before you try to figure out the recycling scheme. (Note: The utensils are made of corn, but don’t eat them!).

My favorite was the pickle dog, lavished with homemade sweet and savory pickles of various sorts.

The veggie dog and its toppings manage to resemble meat, but be forewarned they’re not cheap.


The New York Classic dog is probably intended as a parody of the floaters you buy from street carts.

Jersey-style disco fries–love ’em or leave ’em.

The piece de resistance: a perfect toasted cheese.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 28, 2009

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