Recession-Wracked Harlem Restaurants Will Pay Your Car Fare


Restaurants aren’t doing so well anywhere in New York. (We saw the headline “Recession is not all bad news for NYC eateries” in Crain’s, and the story turned out to be that it was not all bad news for diners — lower prices at fancy restaurants!)

The ViVa (Viaduct Valley) Harlem Restaurant Owners Association has a clever idea (or desperate measure, depending on how you look at it) to get you into their member establishments (including Pancho Gringo and the Hudson River Cafe). Between 5 and 11 p.m., every day, if you come to dinner and spend over $40 a person, they’ll send a car service to pick you up and pay for it. If you’re coming from outside Manhattan, they’ll throw in $10 for gas and tolls.

The next step: restaurants will get waiters to cut your food for you. (h/t Transracial.)