Under Review: Our Man Sietsema at Bark Hot Dogs


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema samples effete franks at Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope, where “the boiled dogs are basted in a smoked lard-butter combo, which lends an amazing savor.”

Sam Sifton pays a visit to Imperial Palace, which gets one star as “the zenith of Cantonese cooking in New York City.”
[NY Times]

Jay Cheshes approves of A Voce Columbus, which “charms without ever trying too hard, with flawless service, a cheerful bustle and accessible food you could eat every day.”

The Robs follow the parade of food bloggers to Bill’s Bar & Burger for a “tender, juicy, mouthwatering, remarkably flavorful old-fashioned burger.”
[NY Magazine]

Meanwhile, Alan Richman blasts Bill’s Bar & Burger for its “flat, dry, and overcooked (burger)… served on a second-rate bun,” as well as the bloggers who’ve rushed to rave about it.
[GQ @]

Gael Greene heads to Harlem for a meal at Gospel Uptown, where “everything (on the menu) is clean and stylish, handsomely mounted with the currently essential leaves and sprouts.”
[Insatiable Critic]