Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Ship’s Biscuit at Saltie in Williamsburg


Ship’s biscuit is the somewhat facetious name for one of the vegetarian sandwiches available at Saltie.

Saltie is a sandwich shop that debuted recently on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, open from 8 a.m. in the morning till 8 p.m. at night. The cafe–which provides only rudimentary seating–is descended from Marlow and Sons, and uses local ingredients–so local, in fact, that many are made on the premises.

The so called “ship’s biscuit” bears little resemblance to the hardtack or stale biscuit eaten by sailors on board ships. Rather, it’s a sandwich on homemade foccacia that features a semi-scrambled egg roughly gobbed with plenty of fresh ricotta. The appearance is striking, but the taste is more so–creamy and eggy and altogether rich. One wonders why no one ever thought of putting these two foodstuffs in the same sandwich before. 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-387-4777

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