And Now Let’s Play “Find Jimmy Rollins In The MC Hammer Video”


During Game 1 of the World Series last night, Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was graced with one of the more remarkable fun-fact infographics in TV-baseball history: “Appeared in several MC Hammer videos in the late ’80s.” Now that is a fun fact. Let’s see if we can find him.

“Turn This Mutha Out.” In the late ’80s Rollins would’ve been 10-12 years old; not a lot of such youngins in this one, though the general New York antagonism certainly makes sense. Pretty obscure sample you got there, Hammer.

“Pump It Up.” Perhaps Jimmy’s lurking in the crowd scene at :45, though generally he seems smart enough to steer clear of Hammer’s attempts to bait Run-DMC.

“Let’s Get It Started.” This club appears to be on fire. Not in the metaphorical sense. Alright, this isn’t working. Time to trawl Sports Illustrated‘s archives.

“Addam’s Family Groove.” From a 2006 interview: “MC Hammer is from Oakland, and when I was about 13, he had an open casting call. My brother and I were picked to be in one of his videos. We were in a graveyard scene. But there was no dancing involved. You don’t want to dance next to Hammer.” That’d put him more in the early ’90s… graveyard scene… yes! The Addams Family thing! And corroboration! Could that be his head at 3:35?

Wonderful. Do you suppose Hammer and Cliff Lee ever hooked up?