Brooklyn Seeks Poet Laureate


The Brooklyn Paper tells us the borough is taking resumes for its Poet Laureate position. Effusive Beep Marty Markowitz says the replacement for the recently deceased Ken Seigelman should be a “fine poet” and an “enthusiastic ambassador of poetry and literacy.” Paying gigs for poets, or even non-paying gigs, being scarce, they should expect a flood of applicants. The BP proposed a short list back in June, but we hope Markowitz and his literary panelists will consider outside-the-box contenders, like this guy, or the anonymous lunatic who dropped copies of his anti-Obama poem from the top of the Metrotech Building in September (“Leave this house, once graced by Reagans/Take the liberals, commies, Satans and pagans”). Though if Sharon Mesmer, author of Annoying Diabetic Bitch and Holy Mother of Monkey Poo, gets the gig, as some have demanded, we won’t squawk.