Crosby Bar: Land of the $18 Cosmo


Today, Eater ran a compilation of the early buzz about the recently opened Crosby Bar, in the Crosby Hotel. Generally, people have found it mediocre so far. It so happened that Fork in the Road was at Crosby Bar last night, for work-related reasons.

The cocktail list is so ridiculous, it almost seems like a joke, or maybe an art installation commenting on overblown cocktail culture.

Most drinks are $18–unless you order a martini, and then it’ll run you $22. What’s more incredible, though, is that the list is so Idaho-hotel-bar-esque: a cosmopolitan, made with Absolut, a mojito, a caipirinha…There’s really never a good reason to pay $18 for a drink, but there’s definitely no good reason to pay $18 for a cosmo made with Absolut. Does it come with a free dinner on the side?

Even in a city full of over-priced drinks, it was jaw-dropping. But the place was crowded, even though you can get a better drink at a just-as-swanky place for at least $6 less….