Debi Rose Campaign Joins Us in Accusing Mitchell Of Actually Running


Remember when we said that the Randy Mastro suit against the Working Families Party, charging they gave the Debi Rose campaign improper favors via Data and Field Services undercharges, might precipitate an attempt to revive the campaign of Ken Mitchell? Mitchell was defeated by Rose in the Democratic primary, and is now running on the Conservative line. We figured, if the conservatives could pump up Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 Congressional race, charging that the Republican was too mobbed up with the ACORN/WFP axis, they might try the same in Staten Island.

Guess what — Debi Rose thinks Mitchell might be running for reals, too

Though Mitchell had said he wasn’t even going to bother to try in the council race after the Dems dropped him, Rose’s people charge that he’s running a “stealth campaign” against her. Rose doesn’t use idle speculation to come to this conclusion, as we did, but intelligence that Mitchell has been going around with Borough President James Molinaro, grubbing for votes. Mitchell’s people deny it, and say he’s only been attending “pizza parties at senior citizen centers,” sans Molinaro.

The Rose folks think Mitchell is pulling a fast one. “I had expected him to live up to what he said after he lost,” Rose campaign manager David Jones tells the Staten Island Advance. “He said he was a good Democrat and he would not be running.”

We haven’t heard any actual chatter about a Conservative Mitchell revival, but maybe they’re just being crafty, meeting in basements and beer halls and such like.