Despana to Expand-a: Cafe & Wine Shop Planned


Following in the footsteps of nearby DiPalo’s, gourmet Spanish foods market Despana is gearing up to expand with the addition of three communal tables, where tapas and breakfast will be served and, eventually, a wine shop next door.

“Calypso moved out so we leased a part of that space for tables,” says co-owner Angelica Intriago, adding that the expansion will include a few renovations in the kitchen to accommodate an expanded menu. “We didn’t think the sandwiches would be as popular as they have become.”

The wine shop will be located in the front part of the former Calypso, and will sell not only wines from Spain, but also sherries, Basque ciders, and orujo, an after-dinner liqueur from Galicia. The application to the SLA is still underway, and so the wine shop isn’t expected until at least March. The cafe area of the shop should be ready by mid-November.

“We are thinking maybe it will be nice for people to have a beer with their tapas, or wine with their cheese,” muses Intriago. “We are thinking of applying for that license, too.”