DJ and QxRxBx Host Sir Loins Will Happily Show You the Best Seat in the House


We recently published Voice‘s Best of NYC issue, our annual opportunity to bestow arbitrary awards like Best Way to Watch Smutty Movies and Best Erotic Bloodletting. In turn, we asked a few of our favorite New Yorkers to name their favorite local things.

Sir Loins, Go-Karff, and A. Martini don’t like any of the gay bars in the city, so they created their own night, QxRxBx (Queers, Beers, and Rears), a glam-rock night that started at the Cyn Lounge in Williamsburg. Since relocated to the Cake Shop, the party takes place one Saturday a month and just earned the distinction “Best Gay Hipster Rock Party” in the Voice. As such, we asked Sir Loins to name a few of his favorite things about NYC.

Best gay bar?

Oh shit… Are there any good ones anymore? Ok, Nowhere Bar. Coincidentally, the name sums up our opinion of this question.

Best place to pre-game for QXRXBX ?

Best pre-game for QBR is our open bar from 11pm-12am the night of our party. But if you wanna start earlier and you’re close by, go to the boy’s place that you wanna fuck for the night that you planned on bringing. Start flirting over shots and cheap beer, then take the J or F train over to us.

Best way to pick up someone at QXRXBX?

If you’re gonna flirt, be sure that you either know your music or have something smart to say. Either one will surely win him over for the next six-to-12 hours. Karff also says to wear a tight shirt with the sleeves cut off to show your arm tats.

Best DJ moniker, other than your own?

DJ Lily of the Valley, formerly of Squeezebox, and now host/DJ for various parties at venues such as the Greenhouse. He’s a rad DJ and a sweet boy.

Best seat in the house?

[Both hands rapidly gesturing to crotch.]

Worst thing you’ve seen on the subway?

People preaching racist and religious ideologies, morning-commute battles to squeeze on the train, late-night college kids barfing, an old lady taking a shit.

Best place to hide?

[My] best hiding place is the backyard of a friend’s antique place on Grand Street in Brooklyn. Total oasis!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 29, 2009

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