East Village’s Pommes Frites Applies for Wine License


The East Village’s Pommes Frites, which scored the number two spot on Our 10 Best French fries list, has applied for a license to serve wine. So instead of hitting up the fried-potato-heaven after you get a little tipsy, you can do both at once–streamlining, if you will.

But French fries are notoriously difficult to pair with wine, because of their fatty-salty nature. A manager, reached at Pommes Frites, confirmed that the restaurant has applied for the license, but had “no idea” what kinds of wine they might offer. Among wine experts, the consensus seems to be that French fries pair best with light-bodied, high-acid whites like Sauvignon Blanc, or with sparkling wines. How about those excellent fries with a glass of Cava?