Karen Waltuck Can See Doing Another Chanterelle in “One or Two Years”


Chanterelle may have closed, but that didn’t stop David and Karen Waltuck from dishing out mini moussakas with oregano and lamb jus to the ravenous crowds at last night’s Taste of Greenmarket benefit. And their restaurant’s closure, Karen Waltuck said, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily gone for good. “We had Chanterelle One on Grand Street, Chanterelle Two on Harrison Street, so….” Waltuck can see doing something “in one or two years,” she said, something more laid-back and low-key, “if I had my druthers.” Her husband moved by her, fixing her jacket collar, which had popped up. “You can’t keep a good man down,” she said with a smile. Or, for that matter, a good woman.