Major Obama Birther Suit Thrown Out


Top birther Orly Taitz has had her request to remove President Obama from office because he’s from Kenya denied. Dave Weigel provides the decision. It is full of lovely passages in which we may imagine U.S. District Judge David Carter using the studiously patient tone with which David Letterman used to speak to Pee Wee Herman back in the day, such as, “Plaintiffs appear to assume that should the Court receive a document from Kenya, the Court would give credence to this document over the American birth records of the President…” and “It does seem highly unlikely that the replacement of President Obama with another Democratic nominee such as Hillary Clinton would have resulted in a victory for Plaintiff [Alan] Keyes, [Wiley] Drake, or [Gail] Lightfoot of the American Independent Party.” Elsewhere the judge is harsher, suggesting Taitz “may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before this court.”

Taitz’s defenders insist she was sabotaged by such Obama cat’s-paws as Bill O’Reilly. Don’t despair, patriots! The truth is out there!