Maybe This is the Trouble: Kate Hudson’s “Graphic Talking” about Sex with A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez, who had been eating up opposing pitching all through the playoffs, took a collar in last night’s Series opener. We who have free souls, it touches us not, but since Yankee fans are already freaking out, let us offer them something else to worry about: Kate Hudson.

The blogs are stuffed with items about Hudson’s “Sex Talk.” Sources reveal her physical relations with the third baseman as “like ‘Animal Planet.’” So far, so good, but the talk gets raunchier (“Kate And A-Rod Love To Bone”) and it is further reported that the actress/girlfriend “gets graphic talking about his body, even to her parents”…

We doubt A-Rod reads blogs — or the labels on drug containers, or much of anything — but this kind of chatter may yet reach him, especially since it can be heard even at his sin-laws’ house. No doubt this would be pleasing to him, at first; it is nice to be regarded as a champion, in bed or out. But if his weak series opener, which his inamorata glumly watched from the stands, has instilled in the batsman a worm of doubt, who knows how he might now react? Maybe he’ll start having awful dreams about Chris Robinson, and start surveying the stands for boyish, lissome rockers when he should be attending the game.

If A-Rod doesn’t snap out of it tonight, the Yankees should promptly hire a back-up starlet. (When the Boss was running things, one would have already been put in.)