Under the Toque: Batali to Be a ‘Dick-Tater’ for Halloween; Ramsay Fed Up with ‘Kitchen Nightmares’


Jason Neroni, who recently left 10 Downing to be replaced by Jonnatan Leiva, has resurfaced in Solana Beach, just north of San Diego, as the new executive chef at the three-year-old Blanca.
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Centro Vinoteca, which the city shuttered for a few days, has a new chef named Beau Houck. The former Five Points toque took advantage of the temporary closure to design a new menu.

Wondering what Mario Batali will rock as a costume this Halloween? You may be sorry you asked: “Mario will be a ‘dictator,'” says a spokeswoman. “He ties a piece of butcher twine to his belt on one end and a Yukon gold potato on the other.” As in “dick-tater.” Ew.

Gordon Ramsay won’t be doing the U.K. version of Kitchen Nightmares anymore, now that doing the show has become such a nightmare. More than two-thirds of the restaurants featured close or get sold. And when they succeed, he gets no credit, says Ramsay.
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Thomas Keller opens up about his relationship with his once-estranged father, and the last meal he cooked for the man: barbecued chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens braised in butter and bacon fat.
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