West Point Worker, Others Nabbed for Ripping Off the Armed Forces


They warned us that when Obama became President, our Armed Forces would come under assault. And they were right, but not in the way wingnuts imagined. People are ripping off our fighting men and women left and right.

Bobbie Cyana Ryan worked in the Dean’s office at West Point, and used her access to authorize $2.9 million in payments to something called CWG Enterprises for training materials and services. The training and services turned out to be illusory, and CWG to be Ryan, who pocketed the money. She has pleaded guilty and faces 40 years and a $6 million fine, presumably to be paid in installments…

Earlier this week, a National Guard recruiter pleaded guilty to defrauding his branch of the service by claiming $8,500 in recruitment incentives for which he was not eligible. Gregory Fletcher, who as a full-timer was not entitled to the bonuses, used bogus or manipulated accounts to portray several recruitments as performed by part-timers, and directed payments to his own bank account. He gets community service and probation. Also this week, civilian procurement worker Derrick Jackson was sentenced to five years in Virginia this week for defrauding his Army employers. He took $134,000 in bribes from Computer Giants in New York to throw them some Army contracts. Several other conspirators have been sent away for the scam.

Etc. Maybe MPs should be trained in white-collar crime investigation.