When Should We Stop Blaming Our Childhood?


It’s so Freud-101 to blame your childhood for every rotten thing about your life and your personality.

I do it to this day!

You know, “If only my parents had let me experience more, I could have ended up being so much more successful.”

“If only I’d had siblings, I would be way better able to navigate relationships with people.”

“If only I had a pet back then, I could have at least known unconditional love once in my life.”

And so on and so on until even a meat loaf dinner my mother once served turns out to be the reason my hair is falling out.

A lot of these cause-and-effect theories are totally true, of course, but shouldn’t we get beyond them at a certain age? Don’t you eventually become responsible for your own life and happiness, with no blame tossed to whatever the fuck happened dozens of years ago?

I say age 30 should be the absolute cutoff–the last time you should ever be allowed to blame your childhood.

But after that, you can blame your 30s forever!